Organic Black Sesame Seeds

Organic Black Sesame SeedsOrganic Black Sesame Seeds are tiny have a richer flavor that can easily make a great addition to any recipe. It is a true staple in any cooks kitchen. The high oil content is one of their main characteristics, which makes them resistant to rancidity.
The black gives you options to add color to your meals.


At Anto Natural Foods, we strive to supply the best quality of Organic Black Sesame Seeds in the market. We cultivate our crops in the region called “Chiquitanía”, in the tropical Savannas of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, in the heart of South America. Flavor is extraordinary.
Traceability Program
GS1 technology is at the center of our Traceability Program. All of our products are coded and easy to trace. With us, you know what you are buying and where it is coming from.

Our products are::
  USDA Organic and EU Organic certified.
  Non-GMO Verified.
  Kosher certified
If you have other requirements, please let us know and we will work to meet your demands.


We take care of every detail in the production process, starting from the selection of seeds, cultivation, harvesting and the process after harvesting.

We developed a system to work together with communities within the region that keep hundreds of families united. This joint effort consists in sharing knowledge and using native techniques in harmony with the environment to yield high quality crops without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Cleaning and Selection
After harvesting, we employ advanced technology to process the final product using vibration, airflow, gravimetric tables, optic selectors and others. This results in 99.99% pure quality and consistent product.


We also offer Conventional Black Sesame Seeds. They are Premium Quality and free of pesticides.

How to Order

Our bulk products come in 25 kg (55+ lb.) polypropylene bags. 40 bags palletized on food grade standard size pallets.
We offer programs to supply product in separate consistent deliveries throughout an arranged period of time. You can order product by containers, pallets or bags.
We can combine multiple products in your purchase.

Private Label
We can work with you to pack our products with your own brand and design, ready for your customers. This gives you a great advantage to help position your brand with high-quality products in stores.

Anto Natural Foods Brand
Our brand is recognized for the high quality products. We offer consumer sized packed products for your customers ready for any store shelf.


We work every day to supply the best quality products at a fair price. Please contact us to get a quote based on your particular requirements.